Baba Ige

Baba Ige, 78, left his work to start a Livestock farming with N6000 at Ejigbo in 1978. With N6000 he was able to get 25 acres of land, build a chicken pen house that houses 2000 birds and was able to grow from 2000 birds to 6000 birds. However, due to the ban placed on the importation of maize by the then government he couldn’t afford to feed his livestocks. He was forced to sell all his livestocks and move to Ibadan to start afresh at his current location where he rears his livestock.

“I have strong passion for livestock farming and it’s not even about money for me. I will die here, I will die doing this. I am enjoying it here. If you have passion for something, it is a thing you work and die into. If I retire from it what will I be doing, drink bear and sleep, I can’t live such life” says Baba Ige.